Kalayaan College

Kalayaan College Student Alumni

Diana Christy P. Tamayo (BS HRM, 2019 )

After finishing my studies in Kalayaan College, I was hired as an employee at Best Western Plus The Ivywall Resort – Panglao. Due to the Pandemic, a fellow alumni and I decided to open an online Pastry business and we called it G&D Pastries.

Kalayaan College taught us how to manage our business by applying continuous effort to improve our products and services, upholding the value of Customer Service, openness to new techniques to be more systematic, and to always do things creatively.

Chelissa Isabella Ana F. Inigo (UP Law Student, KC BA Literature, 2014)

“. . . I’ve said this to a lot of people today, and I will say it for the rest of my life: if I had not transferred to Kalayaan College, I would NOT have passed the UP Law Exam. I owe this and all future achievements to this school, and my friends and family agree. Thank you SO MUCH for all the help and I look forward to graduating and bringing honor to this small community ………..It means a lot knowing that people within this community are happy for me. I now know why they say Kalayaan feels more like a home than the other universities. . . I was told I ranked 65th out of the 1,800 who took the exam (Top 3.6). I owe that to KC as well.”

George Michael Inigo (BS – HRM, 2016)

Kalayaan College was my path in achieving what I love doing. It was really my dream to work in the hotel and restaurant industry. The school trained me to become a better person not just for myself but for other people as well. I brought the image and the attitude of Kalayaan College community to my workplace, which is discipline and humility. I am now working in EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, living and pursuing my dream.

Guan Balmes
(BS BA, 2012)

I was informed by my brothers, who were then U.P. students, to look for this learning institution which was established by U.P. professors. Being a resident of the City of Pasig, it was not difficult to locate Kalayaan College, which was then based in Riverbanks, Marikina. Only an avenue separated me from the college. I first thought that this school will be tough for me as the name of U.P. was always attached. But aside from getting one of the best education, the faculty members and the administrative staff were also very approachable and friendly. This encouraged me to pursue my degree.

Honeyleen Alfon – Ramos
(BA – PA, 2007)

I really wanted to be an accountant and to graduate from a prestigious university. Coming from the province with my cousin, we first enrolled in the BS Accountancy program of a university based in Morayta, City of Manila. It was, however, difficult to go through the daily grinds of life in that university, which had a very big student population. My uncle, who was a friend of Dr. Jose V. Abueva, the President and Founder of Kalayaan College, advised me to enroll in a smaller higher learning institution. Thinking that I would serve in government, I took up Public Administration in Kalayaan College. This was a life-changing decision and I do not have any regrets. I was mentored by well-known U.P. professors. I am now working with Kalayaan College as Executive Assistant and serving those who were once my professors.