Student Scholarship and Assistance

As a regular program of Kalayaan College, financial assistance is awarded to students who meet the  minimum criteria set by the College, in coordination with the Scholarship and Finance Committees.

Academic Honor Scholarships

Academic honor scholarships or entrance scholarships are available to all promising students who graduated as Valedictorian or Salutatorian in high school. This is a waiver of all fees (tuition and miscellaneous) for the whole first year of enrollment.

Student Assistantships

Student assistantships are awarded primarily based on the justifications for request (financial) and merit (good academic standing). These are given to deserving applicants who have been in Kalayaan College for at least one semester and passed at least 15 units.


Student Assistantship General Guidelines

  • All applications must be submitted on or before the designated deadline set by the Student and Alumni Affairs Office.
  • Scholarship application will only be considered if and only when the applicant has been in Kalayaan College for at least one semester and has passed at least 15 units of course work the previous semester.
  • Students applying for scholarship who have been granted student assistantship the previous semester must have obtained a satisfactory performance rating.

Application Requirements

  • Duly-accomplished application form (get one from OSA)
  • Personal letter of application addressed to the Vice President for Student and Alumni Affairs
  • An essay about yourself, your goals in life, and why you need this scholarship and what will it mean to you if granted
  • Letter of Consent from parents or guardian
  • Parent’s/ Guardian’s latest Income Tax Return or Certification as non-filer from the local BIR


Please submit the requirements to the Office of the Vice-President for Student and Alumni Affairs not more than one week before the enrollment period.