Student Organizations

Kalayaan College has a lively student population enthusiastically involved in extracurricular activities that hone their talents and passions and strengthen their capacity to work with others. Each school year, the organizations seriously start with their planned activities aimed toward developing camaraderie and a strong school spirit aside from having good clean fun interspersed with their interests.

♦ Kalayaan Green Society (GSOC)

The Kalayaan Green Society (GSOC) is an organization engaged in promoting sustainable business practices and environmental awareness among the student body. It aims to cultivate a competitive yet sustainable market culture for the future generations of Kalayaan College students.

♦ Psychological Association of Kalayaan College (PAKC)

The Psychological Association of Kalayaan College (PAKC) is the organization of Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Psychology students. Among its 1st activities was a Tribute Video, done in collaboration with the Multi-Media Organization to honor Kalayaan College’s founding President, Dr. Jose V. Abueva on the occasion of his stepping down as KC President and his designation as President Emeritus.

 ♦ Kalayaan Literary Circle (KLC)

The Kalayaan Literary Circle (KLC) publishes the “The Kalayaan Review,” a literary folio featuring poems, essays, short stories authored by its membership. In its launch, the members recited their pieces to the audience. To hone the talents and skills of its members, KLC conducts Creative Writing Workshops.

♦ Multimedia Organization of Kalayaan College (MMOrg)

The Kalayaan College Multi-Media Organization or The MM Org provides its members an outlet to be able to exercise their talents and create an environment to share their skills in multimedia arts to the college, the greater student body, and the community.

♦ Kalayaan Law Society (KLAWS)

The Kalayaan College Law Society (KLAWS) is composed of students interested in a career in law. The organization regularly holds Moot Court Workshops. KLAWS sponsors seminars on relevant issues like charter change and federalism.

♦ Kalayaan Music Organization (KAMO)

The Kalayaan Music Organization (KAMO) aims to promote interest in music and song writing and to provide fellowship among music enthusiasts. It holds musical fests or Open Jams in the Kalayaan College Grounds usually on Friday afternoons for the joy of playing music, to provide entertainment, to showcase the members’ talents and to be able to make friends over music. KAMO members  wish to share their ideas of different kinds of music and to give support to Kalayaan bands and artists.

♦ Kalayaan Management Organization (KAMA)

The Kalayaan Management Association (KAMA) is composed of Hotel and Restaurant Management students. A regular activity of the group is the sponsoring of a Boodle Fight during Foundation Week.

Typical fund raising activities held usually during Foundation Week is the selling of food items like sandwiches, siomai, gulaman and other street food, and pastries and sweets including cotton candy. KAMA held a competition for the title of best chef or “Iron Chef Kalay”.

Other activities of KAMA include sponsoring blood donations or “Blood Letting” or blood donations under the auspices of the Quezon City Red Cross.

♦ Kalayaan Athletics Management Organization (KAMAO)

Kalayaan Athletic Management Organization (KAMAO) welcomes students interested in recreational and competitive sports and in social or outreach activities. A signature activity of KAMAO is the annual Sports Fest, a day of fun and camaraderie featuring games and competition for the whole school held during Foundation Week.

♦ Likhang Operata sa Kalayaan (LOKAL)

LOKAL is the organization of Fine Arts students. The group regularly holds art exhibits.  Noteworthy was the art exhibit tribute they prepared for Dr. Jose V. Abueva featuring different portraits of the KC Founding President.     

LOKAL members have been recipients of a number of prestigious awards including The 49th Shell National Students Art Competition, The 1st Phil. Pastel Convention: On-the-Spot Pastel Painting Competition and the 2015 PNOC Painting Exhibition to name a few.