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Kalayaan College Survival Tips

Diana Christy P. TamayoO

Good Afternoon, everyone! I am Diana Christy P. Tamayo, a graduating student of Kalayaan College, taking Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. I was invited by Sir Tony Lazaro to speak in front of you all, say a couple of words on what it’s like to be a student of Kalayaan College and to give some encouraging words to all of you. Please allow me to tell how you kalayaan helped me to be the person I am today.

To many, success may come all of a sudden. But to me it’s hitting rock bottom, learning from it then trying to do one small step to success after another. I promise you it was hard. But, Who knew that a person that once was a failing student from another school could stand in front of you to tell her story on how she became a better student in Kalayaan College? Let me tell you my story.

After I earned my High school degree, I didn’t know where to go since I already failed my UPCAT and USTET Examinations and I wasn’t sure what road to take. Since I came from a family of civil engineers, I asked myself, why not try to be like them? With an impulsive decision and a little motivation from my family, I took an entrance test at Mapua Institute of Technology. It was the only College Entrance Exam that I had ever passed back then. Obviously, I didn’t have any other choice.

As a freshman, I wasn’t really sure what my goals were. I thought college would just be a time to get out of the house and just have fun. A part of me wanted to join organizations to be able to find people whom I can mingle with in school. I joined Mapua’s Cheerleading Squad in which I gained a lot of friends with the same interest as mine. However, that decision changed my life. I lost focus on my academics, started skipping classes, failed most of my subjects, and even lost time for my family. From there, I sort of lost my way.

Then, I realized I got tired from lying to my parents, from failing and from being my family’s biggest disappointment. Then it come to a point that I had to tell my parents that I no longer want to pursue my course. It was tough trying to explain to them my reason. I just wanted to stop, pursue a different course, and transfer to a different school. Obviously, my parents got really upset. While my mom was trying to convince me to study again, my dad and I were not in good terms. Every single day for so many months, my mom would come knocking at my bedroom door, sit on a chair, trying to hold back her tears. She was so worried about my future. She never gave up on me. She always believed in me even if I was giving up on myself. We had several arguments but none of it stopped her from motivating me to get back in school.

Within those 10 months, my mom told me to try searching for a school where I could transfer and start with a clean slate. I tried 4 schools of my choice but none of them accepted me because of my bad academic records. That’s when I realized I hit rock bottom. I remembered I was crying so hard on our way home trying to face the reality that I might not be able to have another chance to make it right. Then, one family friend told me to try Kalayaan College. I didn’t know where it was or how big it was. She only pointed out that KC was known for its UP Quality Education and could be my steppingstone for me to be accepted in my dream school. From there, I was convinced to submit my student application form and have my entrance examination.

It was clear to me that BS HRM was my first choice because Baking has always been my passion and I’ve always wanted to start my own pastry shop or even a restaurant one day. Later on, I was accepted in Kalayaan College as a transferee. I kept in mind that this going to be my last chance to straighten my path and to make a career out of it.

Coming from a not so big school, I still didn’t expect that Kalayaan would be this small, but after my first semester in Kalayaan College, I realized that there are advantages being in this school. Here’s why.

First, we are lucky to have top-notch professors that are committed to High quality education. They are very nurturing to their students trying their best to educate and train us to be skilled professionals, great leaders, and good citizens. They boost our confidence by helping us reach our full potentials. Second, Kalayaan College is a small community where you can be yourself. From the name itself, we should know that Kalayaan College values freedom for the better good. They allow us to exercise all sorts of freedom such as freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of association, and freedom to express oneself that’s why our voice will always be heard. But most of all, this is a small community but with great big ideas. That’s what makes Kalayaan College different.

My first year in KC went well. I managed to keep my grades up through focusing on my academics with the help of my friends. So much of the good things I loved about Kalayaan College made me think that this is the school for me. Because of all these points, I no longer aspire to transfer to a bigger school. But for me, Kalayaan College gave me so much more than I could ask for. They gave me a chance to prove to my family and to myself that I am capable of changing and I can achieve more in life.

  1. It’s normal to feel anxious about your quizzes, exams, and reports. We’ve all been there. Trying our best to maintain a certain grade. As long as we study hard and give it our best, everything will be all right.
  2. Stay curious. Don’t be scared of things you don’t know. Stay eager to learn.
  3. You can do anything as long as you have good values and positive thinking, fueled with determination and by staying focused on your goal.
One professor of mine once said it’s ok to be stupid with morals than being intelligent but lazy and hard headed.

Kalayaan College taught me that we can be the person we aspire to be. With he help of dedicated professors, countless sleepless nights of studying, and doing every thing with your very best, you can achieve more than you thought you could ever be.

Also, even if we have numerous requirements to submit or topics to review, my college life is filled with fun memories. I even found several friends that made my college life more enjoyable. It was thru them that I got most of the motivations I need to get through several challenges. I will always be grateful to have them in my life and that I have experienced spending time with them in and out of the school premises.

To the students of Kalayaan College, stay curious. Do not be afraid to fail or to hit rock bottom. For Rock bottom will teach you lessons that mountaintops never will. To all awardees, congratulations and may we all continue to set as an example to our fellow students, To the students who didn’t make it through the honor’s list, try to do your best and give it your all. Who knows? You might be part of the next semester’s list of awardees. And to all Freshmen and Transferees, Welcome to Kalayaan College and make the most out it. Once again, this is Diana Christy P. Tamayo, a graduating student of Kalayaan College. Thank you and have a nice day!

  1. Surround yourself with good peers having the same interests to make your stay here in KC more memorable.
  2. Study hard but don’t forget to enjoy some time with your family and friends.
  3. It will be totally helpful if you have a study group that helps you be more focused and motivated in reaching your goals. Plus, your study buddies would even give you tips and what notes on similar subjects and professors to make your student life easier.
  4. Whenever you go to school after an all-nighter, drink lots of coffee or tea to keep you awake.
  5. Join an organization that interests you.
  6. Focus on one requirement at a time. Set some time for each one of your tasks.
  7. Lastly, never leave Kalayaan College without trying Kuya Jong’s special Sisig in our very own cafeteria.