Kalayaan College

KC Goes Online Registration and Payment

Starting academic year 2019 – 20, Kalayaan College started its online registration and grading system with the assistance of a program developer. Though still in its incipient stages, the online system enabled KC students to process their registration without being physically present.

The system enabled both the students and school administrators to go through course advising, enlistment, change of matriculation, and assessment of matriculation fees online. Furthermore, with a click of a finger, the system provides data on the rate of demand for subjects, who are eligible to enroll, how many have completed their registration, and other statistics that facilitate decision-making for KC administration. One important feature of the system is that it can quickly generate a student’s transcript of records and can show the actual status of a student’s performance in previous semesters. The system also provides information on financial matters. Both students and KC administrators can view balances of fees paid and unpaid. In coordination with a bank, online payment can be monitored by the system.

Grade submission has been a hurdle not only with KC but also with other higher educational institutions. With the system, faculty members are now able to submit grades online. Thus, even if the faculty member is on travel, they can submit their grades on time and with ease as long as they have internet connectivity. Students can also view their grades online and do not need to come to KC to see their grades.

In partnership with the program developer, KC continuous to improve the system to iron kinks and add other features.