Here’s a list of our important dates

Dates to keep in mind

Academic Calendar

Application Period
(New and transferee students)
Aug. - Dec. 2021
Removal Examination Period Jan. 4 (Tue) - 8 (Sat)
Registration Period
   Freshmen and Graduating Students
   All other Students
Jan. 11 (Tue) - 22 (Sat)
   Late Registration (With Fine) Jan. 24 (Mon) - 29 (Sat)
Start of Classes Jan. 4 (Tue) - 8 (Sat)
Change of Matriculation Period Jan. 19 (Wed) - 22 (Sat)
Mid Semester Mar. 12 (Sat)
Deadline for Dropping Subjects Mar. 19 (Sat)
Deadline of Application for Garduation
as of end of 2nd semester
AY 2021-2022
Mar. 19 (Sat)
Deadline for filling LOA Mar. 31 (Thu)
Lenten Break for students Apr. 11(Tue) - 16 (Sat)
End of Classes May. 7 (Sat)
Final Examination Period May. 9 (Mon) - 14 (Sat)
Deadline for Grade Submission May. 21 (Sat)