Kalayaan College

Major/Minor in Painting/Graphic Design

The Bachelor of Fine Arts program is guided by the philosophy that every person can be nurtured to become an artist. Although some may have special abilities concerning art at a very early age, this does not mean that the practice of art is limited to a few gifted individuals. Through personal discipline, industry and excellent training, the beginning student of fine arts can be developed to become professional artists who are at the same time responsive to the need of their communities. The rationale for offering a minor* in the Bachelor of Fine Arts is to give the students extensive training and as a response to the needs of the country’s economic situation. This will give them more skills and thus more opportunity for the future work. Our goal therefore is to provide capable faculty, the heart and engine of their education, to answer the needs of our students for further training to become better professional artists, to enhance creativity and instill the value of discipline, industry and social commitment for the benefit of our nation. Thus, the Bachelor Fine Arts with a minor* is the avenue by which we can further train our students to achieve this vision.

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Recognized Program Government Recognition No. 027, Series of 2008