Welcome to Kalayaan College

a private, non-sectarian institution founded by U.P. professors committed to delivering U.P.-quality education.

Founded by former U.P. Pres.
Dr. Jose V. Abueva
1928 - 2021

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Our Focus

As an academic institution, we aim to enrich our students with holistic education.


Explore the limits of the mind and the imagination. Put forward new perspectives, express diverse opinions, and test their validity in discussion and debate.


Our professors are genuinely interested in the academic and personal welfare of their students. There is close interaction between faculty and students. Intellectual abilities and moral values are continuously enhanced.


Cultural interests are never neglected. Concerts and art exhibits by national artists are regularly held. Students are actively involved in creative projects.


In the rush of day-today living, there is need to stop and rest, meditate on the values and norms that ennoble human existence.

Reach your full potential through U.P. quality education.

Every year, 70,000 high school students all over the Philippines take the University of the Philippines College Admissions Test (UPCAT) for acceptance in the country's premiere state university.

U.P. can only admit a limited number of students. U.P. colleges impose quotas on admission according to the size of their faculty and facilities. The Diliman campus, for instance, can only admit 3,285 students every year.

Kalayaan College (KC) is a private, non-sectarian institution founded by U.P. professors committed to delivering U.P. quality education.

Through a Memorandum of Agreement with U.P. Diliman, Kalayaan College faculty consists of U.P. professors and teachers.

Dr. Jose V. Abueva, former U.P. President, together with senior U.P. professors, believe in nurturing more students with U.P. quality education and developing them into future intellectual icons and leaders of the country.

Parents who dream of sending their children to the University of the Philippines can now expand their vision and send their children to Kalayaan College.

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Latest news, events and updates

Visually Impaired

Sanz Russel S. Zarate

Kalayaan College gave me great and memorable experiences as a student. The professors are intelligent and efficient at teaching.

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Kalayaan College Survival Tips

Diana Christy P. Tamayo

To many, success may come all of a sudden. But to me it’s hitting rock bottom, learning from it then trying to do one small step to success after another.

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KCFAD Web Launch

Kalayaan Fine-Arts & Design

Our Fine-Arts & Design students launch their website, where they showcase students works and their virtual gallery.

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“Learning should be both challenging and fun. I therefore urge all of you, students, to enjoy yourselves and make your life in KC memorable.”

-Dr. Jose V. Abueva

May 25, 1928 – August 18, 2021